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David Patterson

David Patterson

“I think we make a difference together. We are a freer people than if we hadn’t fought this good fight.” ~ Charlton Heston

Dear Charlton Heston Academy Community Members:

Sharing in the planning, implementation, operation, and initial successes of Charlton Heston Academy (CHA) has been nothing short of awesome!  Each and every day it becomes more and more apparent that CHA has broken the mold of traditional education.

As we move forward together I am constantly reminded of a community that is uncompromising in the pursuit of high quality education for all students, leading to college and career readiness.  This quest began nearly three years ago with the closure of the St. Helen Elementary School.  The quest to reopen a school in the town of St. Helen meant putting aside popular opinion in order to do what is right for kids.  The closure of St. Helen Elementary School was initially thought of as a disaster by local residents.  However, the closure actually proved to be an opportunity for the community to reunite stronger than ever, educate themselves on everything public education, and open a community school that provides parents with another quality educational option for their children.

Please join me in applauding the following feats of the inaugural year:

  • Purchasing and renovating the former St. Helen Elementary School building
  • Building a team of passionate educators willing to do whatever it takes for students to succeed
  • Expanding grade levels from K-4 to K-8
  • Increasing enrollment from 140 students in August 2012 to 230 in January 2013
  • Reopening a Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) pre-k program
  • Providing education to students from St. Helen, Roscommon, Prudenville, Houghton Lake, Merritt, West Branch, Rose City, Crawford County, and beyond
  • Partnering with Lake Superior State University on board governance training, policy development, and experiential opportunities for students
  • Creating a student-focused atmosphere with an 11:1 student to instructional staff ratio, constantly focused on academic achievement and ongoing opportunities for student leadership
  • CHA stakeholders having a direct influence on state and local education policy development
  • Creating partnerships with local and regional organizations, including the Central Michigan District Health Department, Michigan State University Extension Office, Roscommon County Road Commission, Regional Chamber of Commerce and many others
  • Created an extended school day and year round school seeking to eliminate summer knowledge and learning loss

As we work to plan and launch the high school in September 2013 I am excited of what lies ahead of us.  Thank you for your continued commitment to the lives of students.

Best wishes in 2013!