Travel Abroad Program

What is the Program

“Our travel club uses experiential travel to bring learning to life. We partner with EF Tours to provide high school students with an amazing opportunity to see global landmarks, experience world cultures, and step out of their comfort zones. We go on a different international trip every year. In 2022, students will be visiting Rome, Italy, and Athens, Greece!” – Nikki Ulrich

How to Join

Students who would like to sign up must have good academic standing and be in high school. If you have questions can reach Ms. Ulrich at (989)-632-3390 or her email at


COVID Information

As the students travel across the world, they also need to stay safe while doing so. Our partner EF has set some guidelines and requirements to stay safe.

  • Travel agreement to ensure safety

  • Pre-tour testing 

  •  Vaccination requirements 

They also provide more information about health and safety on their website. To see more click the EF website icon.