Working at Charlton Heston Academy has changed my life. Growing up in Roscommon, I am very familiar with Saint Helen. I grew up with my older brother, Bob. My dad ran the local parts store, taught small engine repair and welding at Kirtland Community College, and also worked for the Roscommon County Road Commission until he retired. My mother took part in keeping the books up to date at the parts store and then transitioned into working for the Juvenile Court System. Recently, I took a trip to Las Vegas to marry my best friend, Randy Fink. I have three sons, Tommy, Brandon, and my youngest Patrick. The best decision I have ever made was to have Patrick go here from day one in 2012, when the school was opened, making him an original Patriot. I began working at Charlton Heston Academy in 2012 as the Food Service Director. Working here has changed my life in the best way possible. This job makes me happy. Given the scenario that I was offered the same job elsewhere, with more pay, more vacation time, I would decline because this school and the kids in this school mean more than any dollar size. For the past 7 years, I can say I love working here; kids have come and gone which breaks my heart but makes me proud to be apart of their young lives. The kids of Charlton Heston Academy are dear to me; the ones who call me mom, and even the ones that test my patience. I’ve learned a lot about my career and myself working at C.H.A. The rest of the staff her is a blast and I hope to spend many, many more years here.

Marti (Hatley) Fink