My name is Jenny Wangler and I am a 2nd-grade teacher at CHA.  I am a native of the area as I was born and raised in West Branch.  I graduated from CMU with my degree in Elementary Education and an Early Childhood Endorsement in 2007.  I then went on to teach 2nd grade in VA for a year before moving back home.  Since then I have taught at a private preschool, 4th grade at St. Joe, and both kindergarten and 2nd grade at CHA. I also had the honor of being an instructional coach, reading specialist, and Title 1 Coordinator for a couple of years here at CHA.  I enjoyed my time outside of the classroom and am forever thankful for the opportunity to gain a different perspective on education. Furthermore, I was able to learn so much from our wonderful teachers during that time and was able to bring all that extra knowledge and energy back with me when I returned to the classroom in 2016. In December, I received my Master’s Degree from CMU in Early Childhood Education.  I have a true passion for helping kids have a love for learning and an appreciation for each other. As MLK Jr. reminds us, “We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.”