REM Meets With Company Regarding Modular Building

Board Members Richard Wood, John Brownfield,

and Robert Olschefski meet with Richfield Township

Zoning Administrator Dennis Shunk and a representative

from Innovative Modular, Kevin Maiden at the

Richfield Township parcel set aside for potential

school building.

Kevin Maiden of Innovative Modular based in Elkhart, IN traveled to St. Helen last week to take a look at the property that Richfield Township has leased to Rural Education Matters (REM) should they need to utilize their plan B in obtaining a building.

According to Maiden a modular system, including recreational gymnasium/cafeteria could be in place within a couple of months. The building committee for Rural Education Matters discussed permits, septic systems, and other optional services. Maiden left with the intention of forwarding preliminary drawings to be used at the March 20 meeting between REM and potential authorizer LSSU. Additionally, Maiden  was to begin working on a preliminary budget for construction costs.

REM President Jennifer Jarosz noted that “our plan B is to lease or purchase a modular system for a building. Our first intention is to purchase the vacant school building that is currently for sale. In the end we must be good stewards of the tax payers dollar and do what is financially responsible while meeting the needs of our students. We hope that the best case scenario is that we can purchase the existing school building as that is what seems to make the most sense”. The REM building committee is in regular contact with the real estate agent and, following a walk through of the building, the committee has requested estimates from local suppliers regarding repairs and upgrades that may be necessary if a purchase does occur.


Reprinted with permission of The Roscommon Cuunty Weekly March 14, 2012 issue