Parents Gather for Community BBQ and Forum to Discuss Their Questions About the Charlton Heston Academy

As the finishing touches go into place to open the Charlton Heston Academy many families are still left with lingering questions, “will there be sports, will my child get in, is there tuition, are teachers certified, why year round, and why uniforms. These questions and many more were put to rest last Saturday as CHA Superintendent Dave Patterson spoke at the schools Community BBQ & Forum at the Richfield Township Park. Patterson took the time to share some of his background, some of the studies that prove what is best for a child’s education, and pleaded to the parents to trust him and the staff that will educate their children. There was much discussion about sports and music to which Patterson explained it will be a community decision as to what extracurricular activities the school will have. He reminded parents that there is no tuition, no special qualifications required and above all else academics comes first.

Patterson introduced John Sarsfield who was recently hired as the school principal. Sarsfield is currently working in New York and moving back to the area. He expressed his excitement to working with the Academy.

According to Board member Jennifer Jarosz “the turn out was incredible. The community is really behind this school”.

Parents and Community members gather to ask questions about the Charlton Heston Academy in St. Helen. Tuition, sports, teachers, special needs, and other topics were addressed.


Reprinted with permission of The Roscommon County Weekly June 22, 2012 issue