David Patterson

David Patterson
David Patterson

Mr. Patterson’s demonstrated ability in working with diverse populations is a sound foundation for collaborating with and guiding a variety of constituents. A far-reaching social services background coupled with experience working with various educational institutions has allowed him to build and maintain strong relationships throughout Michigan’s K-16 public education arena.

As a former case manager/social worker he represented children and families in Southeastern Michigan, Mid-Michigan, Northern Michigan, and Miami-Dade and Broward Counties (Florida). This experience was a true testimony to the challenges facing children, especially in urban and rural regions.

The experience gained as a Senior Advisor for Davenport University expanded his knowledge to include post secondary administration. In addition, he has taught as an adjunct faculty member at Davenport University, Henry Ford Community College, and the University of Phoenix (online), and served on many task forces and committees to promote student growth and success in the fields of business, technology, and health.

As Mr. Patterson began his advocacy for school choice, he served as a Contract Analyst/School Lead and Liaison at The Center for Charter Schools at Central Michigan University. His pivotal roles included ensuring stakeholders at the school level and beyond work in a collaborative manner, while pooling resources and sharing best practices to promote the performance and accountability of charter public schools. Among the many responsibilities fulfilled were administering board nominee interviews, conducting school site visits, facilitating various professional development opportunities, coordinating comprehensive school performance reviews, facilitating the reauthorization process, making various school recommendations to the Central Michigan University Board of Trustees, reviewing charter applications, presenting at state and national conferences, working collaboratively with the State Department of Education (SDoE), building community partnerships and strengthening relationships throughout Michigan.

Mr. Patterson is the former School Superintendent/Chief Administrative Officer for Woodward Public School Academy in Downtown Detroit. In 2011, he was honored as one of five finalists considered for the Michigan Association of Public School Academy’s (MAPSA) School Administrator of the Year Award.

He earned a B.A. and M.A. in Leadership and Public Administration from Saginaw Valley State University. He currently is in the dissertation phase of completing a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Western Michigan University. Mr. Patterson has received various certificates of completion in board governance training, school transportation, special education in public schools, public school finance, educational programming, and school leadership; to name just a few. Mr. Patterson is also a Leadership Detroit Alumni (Leadership Detroit XXIX) and an experienced charter school application reviewer in Michigan and Florida.

Mr. Patterson is a long-time resident of Roscommon County, a graduate of Roscommon High School, and currently resides in St. Helen.

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