While fashion constantly transforms, the reason for being in proper uniform does not. Students are in school to learn, any fashion (dress, accessory, or hairstyle) that disrupts the educational process or presents a safety risk will not be permitted. Personal expression is permitted within these general guidelines. If a student has selected a manner of appearance that is beyond mere freedom of expression and disrupts the educational process or presents risk to themselves or others, they may be removed from the educational setting. Students must appear in a clean uniform each day of school; no student will be permitted in school if they are out of uniform. Upon an infraction, the parents will be contacted and the student sent home unless a satisfactory solution is found. Students who willfully fail to adhere to the dress code are subject to further disciplinary action.
The Charlton Heston Academy Board of Directors has approved the uniform policy as outlined below:
Uniforms can be purchased at any store, and the uniform shirts are available for purchase at CHA for $10.00.
• Grades K-2; Blue polo shirt (either short sleeve or long sleeve)-must be tucked in
• Grades 3-5; Red polo shirt (either short sleeve or long sleeve)–must be tucked in
• Grades 6-8; White polo shirt (either short sleeve or long sleeve)-must be tucked in
• Grades 9-12; Black polo shirt (either short sleeve or long sleeve)-must be tucked in OR CHA branded apparel
• All students will be required to wear solid khaki-colored pants or shorts. In addition to pants and shorts, girls have the option to wear solid colored khaki skirts (at least finger-tip length) or jumpers. Girls are encouraged to wear shorts under their skirts.
• The logo “Charlton Heston Academy” is not required. If you would like to get the logo on your child’s shirt please have it embroidered on the left upper chest area. Embroidery can be completed at the seamstress of your choice, but should match the logo at the bottom of this memo. Stitching should be white in color on the red, black and blue shirts, and blue in color on the white shirts. Again, this is optional altogether.
• A belt is not required; however, all students must wear pants/bottoms in an appropriate manner. For example, students will be required to keep their shirts tucked in and will not be permitted to wear their pants below the belt line.
• Students can wear appropriate shoes of their choice. This includes dress shoes or gym shoes. No open heals or open toes will be permitted. The Academy prefers that students wear either black or brown dress shoes with a matching belt. Again, this is optional altogether.
• Students enrolled in physical education classes will need to bring gym shoes. Students in grades 6-12 will also need to change into appropriate athletic clothing when they are scheduled for physical education class.
• Only red, white, blue, or black v-neck sweaters; red, white, blue, or black v-neck sweater vests; and red, white, blue, black cardigan sweaters may be worn on top of the required polo shirt. The v-neck and cardigan sweaters will still allow staff to identify polo shirt colors for each student. Sweaters are optional altogether.
Students who are representing the Academy at an official function or public event may be required to follow specific dress requirements. Usually, this applies to athletic teams, student activities beyond the confines of the school facility, cheerleaders, bands, and other such groups.
Uniforms for “physical education” may be changed as determined by the physical education teacher and Superintendent.. The current physical education uniform consists of:
• Standard uniforms as listed above with gym shoes for grades K-5. Girls must wear shorts or pants; or shorts under their skirts during gym class
• Appropriate shorts or sweatpants, an appropriate t-shirt or top, sweat socks and gym shoes for grades 6-12
• Small earrings are acceptable; large hoops and large studs are not acceptable
During designated spirit days students will be allowed to wear Charlton Heston Academy Patriots apparel such as sweatpants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. In addition, during ceremonial events, and as an incentive/reward for students alternative dress will be offered. These days will be identified throughout the school year.