Added to our new Trades and construction buildings, we now have Welding as an option.

With students being able to physically use tools, they can get a head start on training and gathering the experience needed in the work field

Goals for our Program

What we Provide

In our new welding section, we provide everything a welder might need on a job; That includes, Welding tables, protective gear, handling equipment, and much more. We give students hands-on experience with tools to ensure that they can learn the most possible and use it in the field. 

Meet the Instructor

Frank Dyke

Welding Instructor

Frank Dyke, grew up in Weston, Ohio,  is a well-known welder with 18 years on the job training. He has worked in fab shops where he worked on many projects such as conveyor systems, a dredging system for Dubai, customized truck bodies for crane installation, and food-grade stainless steel. Franks always enjoyed mentoring young welders so this opportunity to instruct the next generation presented itself.


These classes are available for classes 9-12th and Exploratory (6-8th). If your student would like to enroll in these classes or have any questions, please contact Mrs. Angela Cichowski at 989-632-3390 or at acichowski@charltonhestonacademy.com.