In our Cosmetology classes, we teach students how to cut and style hair, makeup, and many techniques that every cosmetologist needs

We intend for each student that passes through to understand the basics of what it means to be a cosmetologist by understanding what a customer wants and how to execute it.

Goals for our Program

What we Provide

As we grow our programs in all types of trades, we are proud to introduce our new Cosmetology building. Our new building comes with new equipment such as hairstyle utensils, sinks, leaning chairs, mannequin heads, and plenty of hair products. These all provide a real experience of being a cosmetologist. 

Meet the Instructers

Tabetha Cross

Cosmetology Instructor

Tabetha Cross, a St. Helen native, is a licensed cosmetologist with a strong concentration in skin care and esthetics. With over 12 years of experience, Tabetha is passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge of the beauty industry with the youth in her community. Cross is the owner and operator of 2 boutique spas, located in Lansing and West Branch respectively, called Shangri-La Spa & Wellness Studio.

Jamie Seamen

Cosmetology Instructor

Jamie Seamen is a Houghton lake native and is a licensed cosmetologist, in multiple states, with 15 years of experience.  She specializes in hair color and multicultural hair types. With a background in corporate education and a love for the beauty industry, she is passionate about teaching the next generation of Cosmetologists.

These classes are available for classes 9-12th and Exploratory (6-8th). If your student would like to enroll in these classes or have any questions, please contact Mrs. Angela Cichowski at 989-632-3390 or at