LSSU’s Psychology department strives to offer the best training in undergraduate psychology in the state of Michigan. Our heavily research-focused program offers students the preparation that graduate programs desire most of all no matter what direction the student intends to pursue in psychology as a whole. Students receive the individualized attention you would find at a private small college at the price of a public University. Our graduates are successful in their many diverse graduate plans and careers

Lake State’s Psychology Program provides a rigorous education in scientific psychology including Neuroscience, Learning and Motivation, Research Methodology, Cognition, and Personality. Psychology electives include Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, and Child and Adolescent Development. The Psychology program also provides applied courses required for many minors that can also be taken as Psychology electives including Health Psychology, Behavior Modification, Communication Skills in Counseling, Family Therapy, Group Therapy and the Psychology of the Exceptional Child/Adolescent.