In a diverse and changing world, college graduates must be prepared for a lifetime of learning in a variety of fields. In order to meet this challenge, general education requirements foster the development of general skills and knowledge that are further developed throughout the curriculum. LSSU graduates will be able to:

  • Analyze, develop, and produce rhetorically complex texts
  • Communicate competently in a variety of contexts (Communication Outcomes)
  • Analyze, evaluate, and explain human aesthetics and its historical development (Humanities Outcomes)
  • View the world from cultural perspectives other than their own (Diversity Outcomes)
  • Incorporate empirical evidence in the analysis of the causes and consequences of natural phenomena (Natural Science Outcomes)
  • Think critically and analytically about the causes and consequences of human behavior (Social Science Outcomes)
  • Analyze situations symbolically and quantitatively in order to make decisions and solve problems (Mathematics Outcomes)