Charlton Heston Academy Board to be Appointed by LSSU

By Jennifer Jarosz

Charlton Heston Academy board members Richard

Wood and David Patterson greet people at the Great

Start Early Childhood Conference

Following the announcement of the Director of Charter Schools for Lake Superior State University’s (LLSU) intent to recommend Charlton Heston Academy (CHA) for authorization the CHA  team agreed to a resolution to accept the charter. The final authorization recommendation from LSSU’s committee will go before the entire board of trustees at their April 27th meeting.

Some of the requirements for the resolution included articles of incorporation and bylaws for CHA.   Other requirements for the resolution require potential CHA board members to fill out an application/resume and conflict of interest form from LSSU. That application also required their signature, authorizing LSSU to perform background checks.  Potential board members must also take part in board training and interviews by a representative from LSSU. Interviews of the proposed CHA Board Members took place on Friday, April 20th.

Once LSSU Board of Trustees approve the resolution at their April 27th meeting, and board members are appointed by the University, CHA will hold its first organizational meeting on May 1st.  This meeting is scheduled to take place at the Richfield Township Hall in St. Helen at 6:00 pm and the public is encouraged to attend.  Board members will be sworn in by a certified notary, officers will be selected, and CHA board business will take place.

In following weeks CHA development team members will be working close with their attorney Joe Urban of Clark Hill PLC Birmingham, Michigan, Mid-West Management Company and Bruce Harger of LSSU to finalize the Authorizing Contract between CHA and LSSU.

REM submitted a bid through Coldwell Banker Realty to purchase the former elementary school building in St. Helen.   At a special meeting for Roscommon Area Public School District (RAPS) board Tuesday, April 17th, the board formed a committee of two board members and the superintendent to form a counter offer.  Representatives of REM and RAPS will meet with their realtors at a later date to discuss potential terms of a counter offer.

On a final note, there have been numerous inquiries regarding student enrollment and staff recruitment since the announcement of LSSU’s advancements in chartering CHA, including resume’s for school leaders, teachers, and counselor’s.  REM/CHA will notify the public as soon as the dates become available for registration and employment opportunities.  REM has a form on their website for parents interested in sending their children to CHA. The form is for planning purposes and does not bind either party to any commitment.  Further developments will be announced on REM’s website, or their facebook page

Reprinted with permission by The Roscommon County Weekly April 25, 2012 issue