Rural Education Matters – March 2011

by Jennifer Jarosz

Updated applications have been submitted to three Universities as well as the Roscommon Area Public Schools. REM board members and their consultants, Mark Eitrem, Tony Diola, and Joe Urban, had the opportunity to present the Roscommon School Board with educational and business partnering opportunities. The meeting was informative, encouraging, and cordial. RAPS board members asked important and excellent questions regarding the benefits that could result from an arrangement with the Charlton Heston Academy. The board has agreed to research their concerns further by contacting other public schools that have authorized charter schools in their district. Brian Hill received a unanimous response when asking the RAPS board members if they felt that an informed decision could be made in the next 30 to 45 days. In the meanwhile, REM will await notification from the three universities as they anticipate acceptance to Phase 2 with any one of them. In addition applications will be submitted to Houghton Lake Public Schools and Kirtland Community College. The board will continue to talk to every eligible authorizer until the school is able to open. A school is a multi-million dollar operation and as much as they would like to just throw open the doors it does take time and partnerships to happen.
In addition to the effort of obtaining an authorizer the REM board members will continue their training. The next series of courses will include “School Improvement Plans” and “School Budget & Finance Training”. MAPSA (Michigan Academy of Public School Academies) will provide the courses as they are part of the training necessary to run an effective and efficient school.
I would like to thank the community members that attended the RAPS board meeting in support of the community mandate that we work toward achieving with the opening of our school. I would like to also thank our board members for their continued efforts to push forward in the drive to open our community school. Everyone involved has other obligations including families, jobs, etc. Please thank them as you pass them throughout the community as they truly have the best interest of our kids and our community in mind. Thank you Richard Wood, Veronica Bridson, Pam Colby, John Brownfield, Scott Marshall, and Jan Waltz. I am proud to be teamed up with you because together we will succeed in our desired goal to develop an exceptional educational opportunity for our kids..
As always the public is encouraged to attend our public meeting on the first Thursday of each month. The meetings start at 7 pm and are located at the Richfield Township Hall. Visit for more information.

Reprinted with permission in The FISH Newspaper March 2011 issue