Rural Education Matters – April 2011

By Jennifer Jarosz
We received letters from NMU and LSSU, two of the three Universities’ we applied to for authorizing Charlton Heston Academy and we were not selected to move to Stage II. NMU stated they are waiting to move an Academy they charter to a school of excellence, and LSSU only had one charter to give and had to choose from 23 applicants. The competition is strong as many organizations are struggling to give parents a choice in many other communities in and around Michigan. March 16th, Roscommon Area Public School board voted not to authorize CHA in a 5-1 vote. REM appreciates the time and consideration RAPS board took to make the decision. We are anticipating hearing a decision from SVSU any day.
Our development team has no intention of giving up. We are committed to offering parents a choice in their children’s education. At our workshop Sunday March 20th, parents, community members, teachers, and professionals from around the area met to discuss goals for the Charlton Heston Academy.
GOAL 1. We will create an atmosphere where community, parents, and students are wel-comed and valued.
GOAL 2. We will prepare all CHA students to continue their education and be successful in a career and/or college.
GOAL 3. We expect all CHA students will know and demonstrate how important it is to their future, and success to be lifelong learners.
GOAL 4. We will hold all CHA teachers accountable in using the best tools and resources and teach all CHA students not only what to learn, but how to learn.
GOAL 5. We will hold all CHA administrators and teachers to high standards and hold them accountable for student achievement.
Understanding the challenges parents face, to attend school activities and volunteering in classrooms, the Charlton Heston Academy will not only have an open door policy to parents/guardians but will create an environment where they will have the opportunity to participate in the everyday learning of their children. CHA will provide our students and staff the right tools and resources to ensure students are learning at their individual level without limits, and become aware that their future in learning is limitless as well. Project based learning will give each student the opportunities to use different learning styles, such as hands on, knowing many children learn differently, and instruction from teachers must be flexible.
We welcome suggestions as we develop this community school. Our development team is open to any and all concerns or comments of CHA’s educational and/or leadership program. Feel free to call 989-632-1114 or attend our meetings on the first Thursday of the month at Richfield Township Hall at 7:00pm. Our team will also be available for questions or concerns at the Ogemaw Business Expo April 7th and the Houghton Lake Business Expo on April 27 th. Our website is

Reprinted with permission from The FISH Newspaper April 2011 issue