Letter to the Editor-A Poetic Dedication

Great news for Rural Education Matters (REM)…(.I can hear the school bell ringing) they have been invited to participate in Phase II of the application process with Lake Superior State University. One step closer to our own Charter School. They have worked so hard in getting this far and haven’t ” thrown in the towel”, so to speak. I came up with a little ” witty” poem dedicated to all those members who haven’t given up on our children and education.
A big “Thank you” to members of REM
For the continuing job they have done.
We need more supporters to cheer them on ….
So one day we can brag…that we have won!
We went to the Capitol….
Our opinion to voice…
As concerned citizens we believe…
“Every child deserves a choice”.
The members of REM
Have been doing their part..
With hard work and challenges,
That come from the heart.
When Charleton Heston grew up here…
He was just one of us….
But when he became a star…
We were excited and made a big fuss…
“Charleton Heston Academy” Would really be great!
A happy and proud community…
This surely would make!
We need to keep going…
For our children and us.
Working forward to the day…
They won’t be riding the bus.
Our children could be proud,
Knowing how much we all care…
And the concern and hard work…
That it took to get us there.
We’d be living on a cloud…
With our own Charter School,
In our “friendly little town”
Would really be kinda cool!
From a concerned citizen, a Charter School would not only benefit the children in our area , they would have a choice…but it also would be great for our little community.
-Lois Hoffman
St. Helen
**Editors Note-
Rural Education Matters was invited to move to Phase 2 with LSSU in the application process of receiving an Charter School Authorization.

Reprinted with permission from The Roscommon County Weekly February 29, 2012 issue