Jan Waltz Resigns – New Committees Formed

By Jennifer Jarosz
It was a difficult decision for Jan Waltz, but after much time and consideration she concluded that she needed to resign her seat on the board. Jan has supported the charter school movement since the beginning of our journey and will be missed by the board. Jan made it clear at our meeting that she is not going away completely and has volunteered to join one of our newly formed committees. Jan will continue to participate but the level of that participation will be decreased due to her responsibilities with other organizations and family. The Board would like to thank Jan for her continued support in this great effort!
The support in and around our community is growing as more and more people are realizing the need for educational choices. We would like to thank the Roscommon County Voice for the free advertising published in their paper over the last 6 months and Richfield Township for allowing us to use the township hall every month for our public meetings.
A contract between Stephanie VanKoeveing, an Independent Consultant specializing in School Improvement Plans, and REM was signed and committees have been formed with board members and com-munity members. These committees are the next step in the development of our School Improvement Plan. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the committee chairperson as designated below or attend our next meeting. We are all learning, so if you have no experience in any of these areas, but want to help, we encourage you to contact us. We are all researching and learning as we go. July’s meeting has been set back 1 week due to the bluegill festivities, therefore our next meeting date is July 14th at 7:00pm at the Richfield Township Hall.
We have formed six committees and are seeking concerned community members to join them within the next month. Learn more about these on our website. www.REM123.com
Curriculum and Instruction Committee Please contact Veronica Bridson
Student Assessment, Data Management and Reporting Committee contact Jennifer Jarosz
Policy and Legal contact Pam Colby
Finance and Operations contact John Brownfield
Human Resources contact Richard Wood
Communications contact Scott Marshall
You can reach any board member by emailing board@ruraleducationmatters.com and typing who
the email is to the attention of.
The main purpose of these committees is to define what we want our students and staff to experience by developing and adopting ideas in each area. We are looking for any and all ideas you may have in order to make the best decisions as a community about what our children/grandchildren/neighbor’s children/relative’s children will experience when they attend the Charlton Heston Academy. We not only want to define the plan for instruction in the class room, but also the overall attitude and mission of staff and administrators, as well as the Academy itself. Experience in any area is welcomed but is not necessary; the only requirement is a desire to PUT KIDS FIRST!
Over the next few weeks you may find a petition in some of the local businesses, we would like to have as many signatures as possible to show our legislators how many of us would like to have more educational choices allowed in Michigan. This is one step we will take along with writing our legislators to insure that they hear the voices of their constituents. Governor Snyder will be proposing legislation to open more charter schools in Michigan, which is very important in our cause, as the Universities we applied to last January had no charters to give. This means they have met the number of schools they are allowed to charter. An increase in Charter openings by the Legislature will allow more educational choices in rural communities in northern Michigan.

Reprinted with permission of The FISH Newspaper July 2011 issue